Out for dinner on a summer evening



We know that if you are reading this you have a very serious decision to make. We are incredibly grateful to be considered as adoptive parents for your child. Adam and I are beyond excited to start a family and to explore the possibility of being on this journey with you.

We love children and have always hoped to be parents. Your selfless act of pursuing an adoption plan for a couple who is not able to have children on their own is incredibly brave. We feel strongly that anyone who would consider adoption for their child must be a strong, loving, and selfless person.

Samantha loving our niece, June

Adam with his best friend Jordan, and Jordan’s son, Elijah

At home with our dog, Bodie

We want you to know that should you choose us to adopt your child we will make sure that they know how courageous and brave you are. Your child will be loved and cared for, their education and passions will be supported, and they will always have a place to call home. Please know that we will only speak of you with love and respect; and that we promise to remind your child of your love, strength, and courage in making such a selfless decision.

At our first ballgame together – great seats and a great date!

Our loving family on our Wedding Day

Adam holding our nephew Asher and Sam petting Asher’s dog, Lazer

As you look through and learn about us, we hope you will see how much we would love to be parents who make a child the center of our lives and give them an opportunity to thrive in life. We promise you: we will love your child unconditionally and completely, making sure their life is full of love and affection both at home and from our welcoming and warm family and friends. We will provide excellent medical care, teach respect for different cultures by being good role models, instill strong values on education, serve nutritious home-cooked meals, enjoy warm conversations, laughter, bedtime stories, lots of playtime, and so many opportunities.



Sam and Adam together at the wedding of friends Nick and Emily, under the redwoods of Northern California

Samantha and Adam on our wedding day

Adam loved my sense of humor, and I loved Adam’s kind, easy going nature. As we grew to know each other, we fell in love, knew that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. We make a good team. We are respectful, nurturing, and supportive of one another. We laugh together…a lot.

Adam and I have many of the same interests and grew closer to each other through our love of music, art, food, and the outdoors. We are both sports fans and one of our first dates was to a baseball game! We rescued a small dog, Bodie, in 2015. He’s a friendly, gentle dog who is great with children. We love going on hikes and to the beach together.


Having fun with our nephew, Asher

Meeting Lucinda, daughter of our friends Ross and Laura

Now is a great time for us to become parents together. With two successful and stable careers, we are fortunate we can both be very involved in raising a child. Adam has a very successful career in real estate development management, and I am a consultant in the food industry, specializing in cheese. The best part of our careers is the flexibility we have.

We live in a gorgeous suburb of San Francisco in sunny California, in a safe neighborhood with big trees, parks and playgrounds. Some of our favorite activities are hiking in local parks, picnicking with friends, seeing live music, and playing dominoes! There are wonderful schools and tons of kids here. This is a great place to raise a family.


Look at these broccoli!

People describe me as a nurturing caretaker, invested in friends and family. I am dedicated and loyal, responsible, inclusive, open-minded, and fun!

I’ve always wanted to be a mom. I grew up in New York with my parents, Susan and Ken, sister, Liz, and family dog and cat. Adam and I are close with my family, who have been a great support network. They can’t wait for us to become parents together, are supportive of our decision to adopt, and excited to welcome your baby with loving, open arms. They are rooting for us and truly believe we will make excellent parents.

As a kid I liked to bike ride with my dad and was a very good soccer player! My favorite time of year growing up was summertime when I went to camp in the mountains. At summer camp I discovered my love for singing and for the outdoors. I was raised to be close with my cousins, spending most holidays together in a big group. I have always been encouraged to travel and to experience other people’s’ cultures and traditions.

Playing dress-up with our nephew, Asher

Fun with Sam’s Family!

I love babies and children. If there is a baby in the room, I’m cradling the baby. If there is a child in the room, I’m down on the floor making up games. I love my relationship with our 8-year-old nephew, Asher. On our most recent trip to see him, Asher and I did a ropes course and went down a zip line together! We have similar personalities and do a lot of laughing and singing when we’re together. To help Asher with his reading, we read books together over video chat. We talk on the phone at least once a week.

Reunion with Sam’s family and Grammy’s 90th Birthday!

Here I am in Switzerland meeting dairy cows!

I like to garden, and I grow all sorts of vegetables year-round. Last year I grew a gigantic broccoli and had a terrific crop of green beans and tomatoes this summer. I’ve turned our backyard into a veggie patch!

In addition to gardening, I enjoy cooking and hosting gatherings with lots of food and friends. One of my favorite meals to cook is Spaghetti and Meatballs, using a secret recipe from my brother-in-law, Tony, a chef.

I love to sing and record children’s songs for friends and family. Our infant niece, June, giggles with delight when I sing Mr. Golden Sun and The Itsy-Bitsy Spider. I love to sing and fill our home with song each day.

I work in the food industry as a cheese expert and sales professional, spreading the joy of good food with others. I’ve traveled all over the United States and Europe to learn more about the origins of cheese, and once made Swiss cheese on top of a Swiss Alp!

Hanging out with my main man and nephew, Asher

One of my recent harvests of peppers and tomatoes!

Getting kisses from our nephew Asher on my wedding day!


Adam reading with our nephew, Asher, on visit trip to San Francisco

Adam loves kids! He’s an unofficial Uncle to many of our friends’ children and he can’t wait to be the most doting dad. His first job after college was tutoring K-12 kids and he’s excited to be able to help this child someday.

Adam was a teenager when his younger brother, Jordan, was born, and he loved to spend time with him as he grew up. Some of their favorite times were playing pretend and making Legos together. Adam loves being a favorite uncle to our nephew Asher. We visit each other a few times a year and talk on the phone every week.

Adam is easygoing, approachable, and loves spending time with friends and family. He enjoys solving complex problems and collaborating with others. He is dutiful, a hard worker, and has a strong sense of ethics and morals.

Adam playing with his brother, Jordan, when Jordan was a baby

Adam celebrating Christmas with mom, Nancy, and brother, Jonathan, with our dog Santana

Adam playing at the beach with our nephew, Asher

Visiting Grandma in Illinois

Adam showing off his sourdough bagels!

Goofing around with our family!

Adam teaching me to Horseback ride for my birthday. He loves horses!

Adam is a huge sports fan (Go Dodgers!) and has lots of hobbies including woodworking, playing guitar and piano, traveling, hiking, reading, and watching movies. Adam recently discovered his love of baking and makes great sourdough bread and even better bagels! He loves math and science, studied civil engineering at UCLA, and now builds buildings for a living! He works as a real estate development manager for a large technology company based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Adam playing guitar with his brother, Jordan on a family trip to Israel.

Adam woodworking – building a new patio table!


At the beach

Reading Curious George to Leah, our friend Marie’s daughter and our dog, Bodie

Picnicking with our friends!

Our neighbors are welcoming, with events every season for the kids. In fall we have a Halloween Parade with a costume competition! During Christmas, our neighborhood is full of Christmas lights and it’s magical! We have friends and families of different cultures and backgrounds, who invite us to share in their cultural festivities. We’ve created a strong group of friends and neighbors who we consider family, who we celebrate holidays, birthdays, and special events with. Our friends’ children call us “Aunt Sam” and “Uncle Adam.”

Three families in our close circle of friends have adopted children, so your child will have other adopted children to bond with. Leslie and Matt adopted Desmond, Glenn and Alyssa adopted Winter, and Nikki adopted Zeus.

We are close to all our friends’ children, taking them to museums and playgrounds, and babysitting when our friends go for a night out. The last time we watched our friend’s children, we did a scavenger hunt together, taught the kids how to make fresh popcorn on the stove, and then watched The Lion King. We all had a blast!

Spending quality time with our friend Amber’s kids, Ronan and Aliyah, and our dog, Bodie

Taking Selfies with our friend Laura and her daughter, Lucinda

Visiting The Color Museum in San Francisco with our friend Laura and her daughter, Lucinda


Family portrait from our last visit to Maine with Sam’s extended family.

We want to bring a child into our family to share our love of life and learning. We have always wanted to grow our family with a child, and will provide a loving, stable home where our child will be able to express themselves freely and feel safe to be whoever they want to be. We know that the same love and respect that we feel for each other will help to confidently raise and love a child as they navigate the world. We both come from supportive families who taught us to be true to ourselves, be kind to others, and ask questions about the world. We can’t wait to pass these lessons to our child.

Visiting Grammy in Florida.

A trip to the park with Adam’s family

Sam’s parents with our niece and nephew

With our cousins.

With mom on a recent visit to California

With Adam’s brother, Jonathan, at the beach

Sending love to our family!


We hope this has helped you to learn about our values and the kind of life we hope to offer you child. We would love to learn more about you and your dreams and aspirations for your child.

We hope you will reach out at any time with questions or just to connect by calling or texting 650-609-7207.

If you’d rather email, send us a message at contact@samanthaandadam.com.

If you have any questions about us or the legal process, please feel free to contact our attorney, Suzanne Nichols. Suzanne will be happy to speak with you, call her toll-free at 800-255-1415.

Whatever decision you make, we wish you peace and comfort.

With love,

Adam and Sam